A word on Journaling


"Journaling is a practice that teaches us better than any other, the elusive art of solitude – to be present in our own selves, bear witness to our experience, and fully inhabit our inner lives."
~ Anaïs Nin ~


Welcome to Your Remarkable Life Coaching.

The Remarkable Life Coaching Program is set up for you to work at your own pace, and in your own space.

A vital element of the program is the practice of journaling – recording everything and anything on a page, in a book, using the old fashioned hand writing method.

You’re going to have a conversation with purpose; a conversation with yourself.

The blank page can be your best friend and a way to think and plan or share your thoughts, dreams, pain and joy. You can write, draw and stick things on the pages.

Journal writing is cathartic and forgiving. No one needs to see the words, and putting them on paper does something for the thought, it gives it a voice, a presence that just ‘thinking about stuff’ lacks.

The Remarkable Life Program is about you, your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs, exploring them without judgement from anyone else.

"A diary builds a bridge between our present selves and our future ones, which are notoriously cacophonous in their convictions."
~ Virginia Woolf ~

It’s time to look at your present self, and build that bridge to your remarkable, notoriously cacophonous future self.

So get writing.

Take the 30-day gratitude journal challenge.

Check out Matt Cutts - Try something new for 30 days  to inspire you. (3:27 mins)




  • About Journaling
    About Journaling

    Exercise 1
    Read the guide to journaling and use some of the prompts to get you started.

Extra Journaling Resources +

If you'd like to read or see more about journaling, explore the resources here.

  1. Complete Idiot's Guide to Journaling by Joan R. Neubauer
  2. A Voice of Her Own: Women and the Journal Writing Journey by Marlene A. Schiwy
  3. Write it Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want - And Getting it! by Henrietta Anne Klauser
  1. Center for Journal Therapy - Life-based writing for healing, growth, and change
  2. Brain pickings - Famous writers on keeping a diary
  1. What we learned from 5 million books - Jean-Baptiste Michel Erez Lieberman Aiden (14:08 mins)
  2. The lost art of letter-writing - Lakshmi Pratury (4:09 mins)
  3.  Wreck this Journal - type the words 'wreck this journal' into the search function of Youtube

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