You've done it!

You've finished the final module!

What a great effort. You've taken the time to pay attention to yourself and to shape, and live your remarkable life. You are worthy of that attention. Take one slow deep breath in, now congratulate yourself, and breathe out. Sit for a moment and feel. How different are you thinking, feeling, believing and acting since you started 14 weeks ago?

Don't stop here!

This is not really the final module or the end of your learning. It's only the end of this particular program.

Use everything that you've learnt about yourself to keep learning and growing. Some of this stuff is really hard to unlearn. Stay conscious of your habits, your dreams, your directions.

Go back to the earlier modules and pick up any exercises you may have skimmed over. Explore more of the extra resources from every module. Chase down your own curiosity, and see where you end up.

And if you’d like to explore any area more deeply, get more clarity, then contact me for a chat about some personal VIP coaching.

We can look at the ways I can be your confidential thinking partner and accountability buddy, so that you can keep heading confidently in the direction of your dreams. And because you are already a part of my community, you are eligible for a 10% discount on future coaching services.

Is it time to take the next step?

Send me a note so we can arrange a chat about what could be next...

Breathing While Drowning: One Woman's Quest for Wholeness

My first book is all about my signposts on my journey back to wholeness. If you haven't read it already, I encourage you to buy a copy and get busy journaling what it brings up for you.

50% of all profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Australian Communities Foundation to raise funds for Very Special Kids through the Strachan Clan Seil Fund.

You can find out more about this and my other writing on my website:

You have my best wishes for your remarkable life.

I hope to meet you out there being the person you want to be:
living consciously, working creatively, and leading confidently.


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